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Cooking Bacon Naked - Books

  1. Must Read Books | March 15, 2005 0972714928
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    Cooking Bacon Naked

    Stephen A. Chatman
    Must Read Books | March 15, 2005
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    Stephen is the connoisseur of 7-Eleven merlot and prescription medications. Liza, the only good in his forsaken life, is willing to do anything to break into show business. When Liza refuses to have sex with the ugly actor from a banned porn film called Really Big, Stephen may be the only man who can save her life.


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    5 stars – Exhilarating, Hilarious & Suave

    What a marvelously humorous and witty dialogue Stephen E. Chatman has endowed us with with his newest novel Cooking Bacon Naked. Throughout the meritorious depths of Cooking Chatman flaunts his stick-and-move philosophy, beguiling the reader with his flamboyant stunts as would the main event at Mandalay Bay. His epic storyline revolves around the lives of Stephen (an ex-boxer and guzzler of cheap Merlot with issues of grand proportions) and his love interest Liza, with notable appearances by Stephen’s “other” women: Max, Melody and Rachel, the money-grubbing mother of his child.

    As we each know, relationships and the maintaining of these relationships is often a 24-7 deal. (Ordeal in Stephen’s case.) But what Chatman does is toss obstacles in the path of his protagonist’s juggling routine, expecting him to maintain a perfect balance. This makes for hilarious entertainment: watching Stephen drop the balls and struggle to begin anew…

    This brilliant melee is told from the perspective (or reality) of the male mind. And having the ability to gaze into the reality of what makes man tick is refreshingly well worth the read. As Chatman allows Stephen to stumble and trip over his often chauvinistic philosophy and fighter mentality, the reader is brought into that very reality. Thus is the skill of Chatman to entice with grand flare.

    “Never let a guy come up behind you. You could get the life beat out of you,” Stephen says frequently throughout Cooking, as if this is the most brilliant philosophy ever. In fact this philosophy is very reasonable. Though when considering how Chatman places Stephen in situations where the resolutions are so obvious to the reader – especially the female reader – “make sure your opponents gloves are in front of you” would suffice as a more plausible and respectable philosophy.

    The repetition of that statement sets the mood for the hilarious scenarios and the laughable conversations we share with Stephen. This is what makes this novel truly special.

    At one point in Cooking a hotheaded Stephen comes forth to do Max’s bidding:

    [pg. 67]

    Later in the menagerie we see another example of Stephen’s great philosophy:

    [pg. 115]
    Chatman entices with his humor and stuns with the voracity of his truth. In one memorable scene Stephen is in jail after having punched a security guard in the nose for “being allergic to flashlights.”

    [pg. 149]
    Humorous throughout without a doubt… And although the ending was a bit disappointing, what makes this novel such a rock amongst the sea of new literature is that Chatman doesn’t shy away from taking risks. His “go-for-it” mentality really works wonders for the funnybone in all of us.

    There are no if-ands-or-buts about it, if one fries up some bacon in his birthday-suit one is liable to get splashed by sizzling bacon grease. This analogy is likely the reason for the title Cooking Bacon Naked – one must be prepared to be splashed with Chatman’s wit!

    5 stars – Exhilarating, Hilarious & Suave

    Copyright © 2006 Jacquii Cooke

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