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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & The Choices That We Make - Books

  1. SynthiaBPublishing | July 1, 2005 097663130X
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    F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & The Choices That We Make

    Valerie A. Withers
    SynthiaBPublishing | July 1, 2005
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    Valerie A. Withers has created a fresh, exuberant first novel that was inspired by her ‘real’ life relationships with six of her very good girlfriends. The first letter of each characters' name coincides with each letter in the word ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’. You will meet in that order: Felicity, Rachael, Ione, Evelyn, Nina, Denyse and Synthia. Each woman shares the same common denominator: to be successful, loved, respected and appreciated for the fabulous women that they are. They overcome great adversity and hardships in their lives, and manage to come out on top of their game. In everyday life there are choices that you must make, some you don't particularly like, but are necessary in order to survive. Hence, the title of this fast breaking, provocative book.


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    4 1/2 stars – Hilarious, Heartfelt & True

    Withers’ novel is a powerful testimonial to the power & beauty of true friendship and a tribute for essence of woman truly blossoming through the turbulent moments of reality. This novel is basically a group of short stories that shares a common element: Synthia. And even though each character has her own story to tell, equal but separate is not an issue here, for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is actually an acronym which represents the first letter of the first name of the seven major characters in this hilarious & well-orchestrated novel.

    Felicity, Rachel, Ione, Evelyn, Nina & Denyse are the sustained medley (the concertos – if you will) that makes the grand composition of Synthia’s opus a reality. Each lady has her particular storyline. Each lady represents an integral part of the melody which is weaved with the dexterity known by only the finest of craftmen; such is the skill of Withers’ storytelling ability. Each is related by their relation to Synthia, whom incidentally is described as being an attractive heavy-set woman. I would propose having such a diversely fanatical array of friends would require having a little extra security (aka poundage) prerequisite for surviving the brouhaha that can often bloom in close relationships…

    Withers entices the reader with a her flowering style of writing. We are often spoken to directly, as if a dear friend is recollecting a memory and sharing it through conversation. This conversational style is so very appealing and quite the pleasant surprise as Withers pulls it off perfectly with aplomb:

    [pg. 46]
    At the very end of Withers’ first attempt at fictional writing we are told Synthia’s age, as a birthday celebration in a surprise locale – to make up for the festivities of the previous year due to the September 11 attacks in New York City & Washington D.C. – is planned by Nina. During a rare spiritually intense moment Synthia toasts friendship and tells each of her sister-friends how very much she is blessed to have them. At this culmination point Withers’ intent shines like a brand-new penny:

    [pg. 278]
    Although the author tries flexing her poetic muscles (failing miserably) mainly Withers’ masterpiece is a very lyrically humorous work. She even introduces a new word to my vocabulary: fyne (an adjective which means sexually attractive). The spelling is novel.

    She stuns with her characters’ bravado and wit… She intrigues with the blatant truth of her characters’ realness. There is a vast amount of laugh-out-loud moments in Withers’ narrative:

    [pg. 134]
    Interestingly enough, I was taken aback by the very last page which features the poem “One True Friend.” The sentimentality was right on point and was a perfect fit for the perfect ending:

    [pg. 134]

    4 1/2 stars – Hilarious, Heartfelt & True

    Copyright © 2006 Jacquii Cooke

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