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Roget's Super Thesaurus - Books

  1. Writer's Digest Books | 2010 1582979995
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    Roget's Super Thesaurus

    Marc McCutcheon
    Writer's Digest Books | 2010
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    Roget's Super Thesaurus is a perennial favorite among writers, and this latest edition has more than 1,000 new and expanded entries. This time-saving reference will help you find the perfect synonym or antonym to give your writing precision and color. From aback to zydeco, you'll find the exact word you need.

    Easy to use and comprehensive in content, Roget's Super Thesaurus includes these unique features:
    • reverse dictionary
    • sample sentences
    • enlightening quotes
    • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms
    The next time that elusive, just-right word or phrase is on the tip of your tongue, reach for Roget's Super Thesaurus. With more features than any other word reference, it's is a must-have for every writer's desk!


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    May Cost Dollars - But It's Priceless...

    Everyone who flatters him or herself a writer should own Roget's Super Thesaurus. I've owned it for years and have leaned on it as an invaluable, priceless resource.

    Highly recommended. OWN IT!

    Review by | Oct 3, 2012