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Secret Society - Books

  1. Touchstone | March 28, 2006 0743281586
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    Secret Society

    Touchstone | March 28, 2006
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    "It had been a year and a half since I graduated high school and a year since I been workin' -- workin' niggas, that is."

    It's 2001, and Celess and Tina are at the top of their game. With Celess's fine features and Tina's voluptuous body, they attract attention from men wherever they go. From New York to Philly to Delaware, they hit all the clubs and every big party with the baddest outfits. And they don't pay for a thing. Celess has no job and no need to worry about getting one, not with boyfriends like O, Tariq, and James lining up to buy her the latest designer clothes, the hottest jewelry, and the most expensive cars.

    But Tina's and Celess's fast, packed lives are about to catch up with them. The two share a devastating secret, and when it's revealed, Celess will need every ounce of her street smarts to survive. This book has a twist that will leave you shocked!


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    5 Stars: A Stunning & Powerful Awe-inspiring Debut

    MIASHA enters the arena of urban literature full-throttle and ready to swing. Her stunning debut novel, SECRET SOCIETY, has left me awe-struck – and quite frankly speechless – at the audacity of its broad reality. Each swipe of MIASHA’S pen sews another detail onto what is surely to become one the most talked-about novels of 2006. One of the most fashionable fabrics of the season – if you will…

    Distinct is the difference between that fabric and, say, wool; Such is the voice of MIASHA: resonant with beauty and utterly distinctive. I expect this rising star to supernova within the genre “urban fiction.” Her writing style at times is brutally original – caustic even – but resounds with a truth that cascades upon the conscience like a meteor shower. Her word is explicitly strong and reads like a reality I’ve heard about before, but have never had the opportunity to personally experience. Now I can be proud and comfortable in knowing that I’ve actually experienced this thing which is the storm MIASHA.

    SECRET SOCIETY is an intriguing story about two femme fatales Celess & Tina who have learned the seductive art of survival. The streets of Philadelphia – incidentally, the City of Brotherly Love – will never quite be the same after these broads practice their trade of running game on prospective highest-bidders.

    I know women who are known only for their inherent ability to juggle unsuspecting men away from their great fortunes whilst keeping them smiling sunshine-happy. Yes, I know these women and ultimately these girls are no joke. 100% professional go-getters and never golddiggas – as diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Celess & Tina prove this to the very end of the novel. The question: will they have to do so with their own lives?

    What immediately springs to mind is autumn’s blockbuster “Memoirs of a Geisha,” such is the talent of MIASHA’S Couture-clad vixens.

    But what MIASHA’S SECRET SOCIETY has done is to take “Memoirs” to another level; a street level where the bling-bling is abundant even though the ghetto is next door blazing big guns… A thug-laden level where purple-on-pink minks and $70,000 cars and 3-bedroom townhouses are given away as insignificant gifts, exchanged for bits of affection. I suppose there is truth to the old cliché about pleasing the one your with. In fact, is there anything more endearing? What of truth and honor and love? – These girls are no joke.

    Awe-inspiring is MS. MIASHA with pen. She has endowed us with a very impressive freshman debut. SECRET SOCIETY is essentially the dramatic tale of what has the potential to happen in an urbania where the women are illusive as they wanna be and as intriguingly breathtaking as the men want them to be. Impressive write indeed!

    5 Stars: A Stunning & Powerful Awe-inspiring Debut

    Copyright © 2006 Jacquii Cooke

    Review by | Aug 17, 2012