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The Mind Of Your Story - Books

  1. Writer's Digest Books | 2008 1582974888
    • Hardback

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    The Mind Of Your Story

    Lisa Lenard-Cook
    Writer's Digest Books | 2008
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    The Best Fiction Has a Mind of Its Own

    How do you create a successful story that captures readers from its first page and never lets them go until the final page is turned? The secret is a delicate balancing act between allowing a story a mind of its own and holding tightly to its reins.

    Award-winning author Lisa Lenard-Cook takes you through the entire writing process, showing you how to:
    • Nurture your ideas–the seeds of your fiction–so they bloom more fully
    • Develop nuanced characters with distinct voices that intrigue readers,
    • Manage your story's "mind"–carefully pacing your scenes
    • Navigate the intricacies of the revision process–so your own edits are more efficient and effective
    Combining practical advice with down-to-earth candor, The Mind Of Your Story: Discover What Drives Your Fiction illuminates the often-elusive elements of fiction and helps you turn your creative obsessions into that mysterious yet undeniable connection with readers.


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