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Tinsie's Story: A Quilt's Reflections - Books

  1. PublishAmerica | May 23, 2005 1413777597
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    Tinsie's Story: A Quilt's Reflections

    Benny & Patty Morton
    PublishAmerica | May 23, 2005
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    Have you ever wondered about the stories your family heirloom could tell? Join us as we follow this family's history told from the quilt's perspective. Quilts! The thought of these precious family heirlooms comforts our hearts. They give us a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. Quilts are ties that bind one generation to another. Quilts are beyond monetary value. They dance in the realm of sentiment, carefully passed to trusted members of our families. Today, we see many of these precious heirlooms at auctions and estate sales. This is a sad occurrence for us. We pray this book will be a subtle reminder to everyone who hopes to receive a family heirloom just how precious that item really is.


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    4 stars – Novel ideas & excellent presentation.

    YAY! I finally finished the review for Tinsie's Story - Both BENNY & PATTY are JPiC Members and I was excited about getting the novel! It came signed and exquisitely packaged - now the book is kinda beat up and has folded pages from me marking my most favorite passages LOL - Incidently - I've read it 3 times! It is a very nice historical fiction novel and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes that genre and even to those who don't particularly care about historical fiction. Truly I do believe this is a very IMPORTANT novel, for the lesson it teaches is wonderful.

    At anyrate there is an excerpt posted HERE - so enjoy.

    ALSO to BENNY & PATTY - apologies for the procrastination! Looking forward to the next novel = Fantabulous job with Tinsies Story ;)


    Tinsie’s Story (A Quilt’s Reflections)
    Benny & Patty Morton

    Tinsie’s Story, a collaborative effort by BENNY & PATTY MORTON, has really set the bar high for other novels in the genre historical fiction. This quaint story tells the story of the Morton family through several generations and the passing down of the family heirloom quilt. There are several novel ideas within this novel that are sure to please any fan of historical fiction.

    Though the storyline focuses mainly on the Morton family persevering through rough times in the mountains of Kentucky, the family heirloom quilt has an enormous voice. It’s my understanding that BENNY MORTON wrote the “meat” of the story and PATTY MORTON writes as the quilt’s voice. To give voice to such an inanimate object as an heirloom quilt is a decidedly risky endeavor when writing historical fiction. Right from the prologue though you will recognize that PATTY MORTON has written a wonderfully diverse & caring and immensely true character:

    “If these walls could talk,” is the cliché that clearly comes to mind. Tinsie’s Story evocatively suggests that the walls indeed do have a voice and in this case, so does the family heirloom quilt. And the quilt as an integral part of the storyline just accentuates how very important and precious such family heirlooms are.

    Almost midway through Tinsie’s Story is a poignant moment about Mammy – an older Black woman who’d earned her freedom by helping Tinsie set up house for one year. Mammy actually becomes part of the Morton family and is respected as such, but after the passing of many years Mammy falls ill with pneumonia:

    This came at a really pivotal moment in the novel. The emotions had reached a high and it was so refreshing to read the passage about Mammy and how the family truly felt about such loyalty.

    As a reader – I am really impressed by this freshman novel from BENNY & PATTY MORTON. There is some really excellent writing in this novel and a lot of it exquisitely poetic. But the message that one takes away after reading Tinsie’s Story is that the important things in life are often free, as well as the lesson that perseverance in the face of turmoil is indeed a beautiful thing.

    4 stars – Novel ideas & excellent presentation.
    Highly recommended!

    Review by | Aug 6, 2012