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    JPiC Forum for Writers is an online community exclusively dedicated to the share of poetry and writing. As a continuing work-in-progress, our poetry forums host a melange of writing with new additions being posted daily. We encourage you to right now and come join us in our celebration of diversity with the typed word!

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About JPiC Forum For Writers

Jacquii's Poetry in Color Forum For Writers is an award-winning online Community all about the free sharing of literature with like-minded friends. We have been online celebrating diversity with the typed word since June, 2006.

We're an online safe-haven in which talented artists from all over the globe feel compelled to share their typed words. Our ultimate goal is to perfect our writing craft, but also to facilitate the giving and receiving of poetic love and quality feedback. Our poetry & writing forums hosts a myriad of member-shared writing works:

  • Poetry, Lyrics & Essays
  • Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction
  • Literary Articles & Poetry Videos
  • Reviews & Much More...

Excerpt from "Interview With Webmistress Administrator of JPiC Forum"

Jacquii Cooke
MsJacquiiC you've been a member of TheBlackPoet Community since June 20, 2007. I remember you saying in a thread, you saw my site name on a VBulletin, and decided to join, but, you are also a Webmaster of your own site: Poetry in Color Forum. Can you tell me about your site? What got you started?

“Well 1st I'd like to say thank you for this interview opportunity! It's not very often that we can find quality internet Communities within the niche of poetry - So I feel flattered that you'd want to do this interview.

I'm Jacquii Cooke, Webmistress of JPiC Forum - Jacquii's Poetry in Color Forum. I'd previously been a Super Moderator on another poetry Forum that was geared exclusively towards Black Folks or what I like to call the "African American experience" --- That was OK, but there was so much drama and frustration blooming within the Community and I had ideas of my own that I wanted to implement. The Webmaster of that particular Forum -- "family" as all the Members call it -- was not trying to hear any of it, thus JPiC.

I began JPiC in June of 2006 and really wanted to have a Community atmosphere as opposed to having a tight-knit "family" type thing. I thought the benefits of having such a Community would not only eliminate any tension, frustration and drama, but would make it so much easier for prospective Members to feel a part of the Community. At the Forum I'd once moderated there would be people logging on and they'd actually sense that they were not part of the "clique" and you'd never hear from them again. The tension was actually that thick....

HUGE Diversity Amongst Our Members
So the main idea behind JPiC was to have an all-inclusive Community that not only embraces Black American culture - but all other cultures as well. And to my amazement - Within the first few months of JPiC, we had Members register from all over the world. At this very moment there is a HUGE diversity amongst our Members and it makes it easy for people to logon and simply share in the joy of creating literature, rather than sharing a mutual frustration about being part of a minority group. I think that's what sets JPiC at the forefront of internet writing Communities: the diversity is welcomed and encouraged. As a matter of fact - the very 1st motto for JPiC is Celebrating Diversity With The Typed Word.”

Your site hosts poets and writers from all races, when you thought of this forum, did you think you would be as successful as you have been with membership?

“I am actually quite surprised at the amount of love Poetry has enticed from all different cultures rather than the success of our Membership base. It's nice to see that people who have such different cultures can come together through poetry. I mean really - It simply amazes me that people from so many backgrounds can embrace the written word of others. Makes me think that poetry has some type of hidden cure for humanity. And I know this will sound horribly cliche - but think about it...

The first lines of this old Vietnam war song "What the World Needs Now Is Love" by Jackie DeShannon --- "What the world needs now is love sweet love/ It's the only thing that there's just too little of..." JPiC has epitomized this lyric - only substitute the word "poetry" for the word "love". Perhaps the war-mongers of the world could use a dose of this poetic cure ((another coy smile - LOL))

But yeah - I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of diversity and poetic love JPiC has garnered. Exquisitely surprised one might say!”