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Blood To Water

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Posted By Wind on Oct 17, 2012 at 1:08 PM

A poem which has picture in which i do NOT own.Thank you for watching and i do own the poem though .

Be looking in the future for more video with my poems in them.

Blood And Water
By Marcedies Rhodes

And friends.
Ashes is ashes,Dirt is dirt,Skin is skin,
And blood is thicker then water.
No matter how many times I say this,
No matter how many lines,obstacles and curses
I'll come running with words of undoubtedly trust.
Hurry for I hear the steels coming,Hurry for I see
The guns rising,Hurry for I smell hate coming
From the cretins,Hurry theses are the words I shout from
My mouth.Bound by bondage,I won't forget your words.
I'm being destroyed,but I won't forget your face.
Now I'm buried,but I won't forget our live's.
This by death,one by one being torn apart.
No not by death but by life.The lives we live tears us apart.
Our pride forcing us to choose one or the other,
What's your choice?
If it was only skin then with a needle and thread,
I could sew us together so that well never forget our blood
Just there.Believe me,keep me,hold me.Why is it who runs From me?
There is no cowardice in forcing the truth.
There's Ashes,Dirt,Skin,and Blood is what makes a person.
When the lies in tangle us,the truth is like a spear through The soul.
Now matter the scars there's someone to bandage Them up.
This is what it means to be Family.


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