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Broken Trust

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Posted By Wind on Nov 3, 2012 at 11:12 PM

I DO NOT OWN the picture and audio.Please enjoy.

Broken Trust
By Marcedies Rhodes

That bond we shared is now broken taken from us by an evil presence and

now we can no longer be together. Everything was taken from me in a matter

of moments and I was destroyed in the process. Just to be reborn in this world

and take my unforgivable revenge on those who harmed the one I loved and broke

my trust. To think one so small could cause damage with single words and make it

into something the could turn a dog crazy. Do you think you hide form what you've done

what've you destroy and those you have betrayed and left behind in battle. I laugh at you

I forgive you if you repent and say this was of your doing I will take hand and rebuild that trust.

Though my trust is broken I remember what it felt like To trust and what it felt like to have love

I want that back so I can escape the darkness that surrounds me. I want to take back my broken

trust and never give up.

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