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Don't Trust Your Eye's

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Posted By Wind on Nov 29, 2012 at 5:13 AM

Thank you for viewing.I do NOT own the picture nor music.I do however OWN the poem

Don't Trust Your Eye's

Don't trust me.

With every word I believe in you.

How many times have I hurt you?

How many times did you save me?

Your eye's shouldn't trust everything they see.

With my heart,those are my eye's.

Not if it clouded with lies.

I can feel you,your no lie.

Why do you insistent ?

For you will disappear if I don't keep you close.

Aren't you not selfish,why do you trust this image?

I don't trust my heart to you,I trust my well being.You've never let me fall to fair where you couldn't reach me before.

How do you know I won't betray you in the end,for I am a spawn of the devil.

For you was once an angel with a heart.

What do you now believe?

The mouth.It curses those without any knowledge of the truth that lies deep inside.

So where does my truth lie?

In a kiss.That comes from your heart.

Your not afraid you'll lose everything in the end?

I'm afraid of what can touch me but hasn't.

How can you be so open when I stand between you and death.Is there not a life you wish to live?

You as to many question.Your not allowed to ask with your mouth which only know's lies.

Then where should I ask from?

Look into my eye's.
Look into my soul.
Watch and don't be afraid.

You how can you?

Life is completed when a person is in sher sync with themselves.

What I a fool?...Is that what I'm taken for?

No in truth your eye are shown lies so you heart is clouded and your soul is being torn.

Is there no way to escape this.Mistress of Truth and of lies?

There is but yourself can only fix.

As I bow I pledge myself to thee as I once did all those years ago.

And I will take you like I did all those year ago.

Let see eye to eye and never trust what we see.

For it only clouded are heart.

Twist are minds.

And tears are souls.

Look not with your eye's for they no longer can be trusted.

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  1. Wind
    With a friend...we took turn writing...like this is our conversation. Some of my poems that are formatting like this or conversations. And it works nicely as well. Sorry if it is confusing.But we we're talking about trust and it got to be like this. This is how we apologize and such
    Jan 2, 2013
  2. MsJacquiiC
    a conversation who??...
    Dec 31, 2012
  3. Wind
    Oh this wasn't like a literally poem..it was a conversation llD..
    Dec 31, 2012
  4. butchiesmom
    Don't take my appearance for granted? Look for what I am inside? I want you and need you but am I good for you? Watch out, I may hurt you? You may hurt me?
    Is this what you're trying to say? I thought it profound, Wind. You write with your heart, not your head.
    Also, thanks for putting this in poetry form instead of the rough paragraphs you usually post. It really makes it so much better to read and understand.
    Great write,
    PS There's a few suggestions I could make if you want. It doesn't change the poem in any way.
    Dec 31, 2012