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Escape To You

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Posted By Wind on Nov 15, 2012 at 6:28 PM

Thank you for Viewing.I do NOT own the picture nor music.I however own the poem. Enjoy the view

Escape To You
By Marcedies Rhodes

No longer can i stop no longer can i contain
the fear held inside my heart
for there it sits the screams of
those who lost their lives
protecting this spirit who claimed
to own the land and yet
only can feel immortal self.If there
was a way to leave these childish
way behind and take your hand and
make my escape for i no longer can
leave without your warmth your words
your kiss and the way you show
me the world with out damaging the
inner self of me.Even if you was to die you
hold every inch of me. i dream of you
just to see you fall apart every night
i fell my sanity leaving i fell the blood which held
your tears fall down upon my face
and all i could do was watch. Even if your here
I need to feel you touch you hear you vioce and known you
won't leave even if the whole world broke and faded
that you'd be here,and that you known that no matter where you
go you have all of me

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