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Leashed Down

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Posted By Wind on Nov 3, 2012 at 10:15 PM

I do NOT own the pictures and the music is off my computer which i do NOT own.However the poem i DO OWN THIS POEM.so please enjoy.And here the poem if you can understand.

124.Leashed Down
By Marcedies Rhodes

Bound by my hands
Bound by my legs
Bound by my waist
Bound by my neck
I can't hear
I can't smell
I can't taste
I can't see
I put everything away and only thought of
What brought me joy.Nor do I want to
Cry leaving my captures to smile about
To gloat,to have that unknown brutal power
Over me which is held in one tear.
My body numb,my heart is stopped,my mind is blank
Is this dying? Why am I paralyzed? Could it be falling a sleep?
These chains are cold but everything is hot.What feeling beside
Pity would become of me?..Be it not grief not sadness not even remorse.
But as I stand up from this seat,I am nothing more then a well mannered
Pup on a tight leash.

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