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Lost Heart's

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Posted By Wind on Nov 10, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Thank your for veiwing.I DO NOT own the pictures but I DO own the poem itself thank you for veiwing.

We grew to love each other.

But you swayed away.You turned an eye.

You started to break.

Now where are we?

Are you falling down.

Shall I end it here of this cliff?

)That the end of you but you will always forget me
Never say whats isn't true I still love you.You will jump before saying that again.
I love you even as I fall off this cliff.As my lover fell to their death I could only see the tears as I wanted to be with them forever and ever,
But who is to say that they died that day who is to say they did not live on.
We were together but our hearts became lost until this moment love had only been a game now it was the place were we have died.Together we are lost together are hearts are bonded forever even if we are apart,love know no bounds.

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