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Once Upon A Dream

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Posted By Wind on Nov 16, 2012 at 2:53 PM

Thank you for Viewing. I do own the poem so enjoy. If the words are unreadable please here is the poem itself:

Once Upon A Dream
By Marcedies Rhodes

We dream of our life,ones we thought were intertwined
by fate,by destiny,by our past.
Now on theses day we don't speak for
we've forgotten what we shared.
What we lost split us apart for I fell into darkness
as you fell into light.
We reached for each other but to far to meet.
As we both fell,we both forgot.
Now we can't reach,we can't speak,we can't breathe.
To ignorant to realize what happen and fell for
what took us away.Our dream
our lives,and our reality.They were all childhood
dreams now so ever
forgotten not even time can replace.
What it meant to see,no more screaming,
no more tears.Close you eyes as we
hand and hand in our one minded dream.

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