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Tear Less Was Only Your First Crime

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Posted By Wind on Oct 31, 2012 at 6:01 PM

I do Not own the Pictures are the Music.I do however I DO OWN the poems.And if you can't understand the words here the poem.Also please Rate Subsribce and comment.

Tear Less Was Only Your First Crime
By Marcedies Rhodes

You thought I forgot you tear less face, as they dropped me body down in to the gates of death? You think

I wouldn't come back to find you sitting there smiling even though I left only a night ? Nothing can keep my

love from you not even from your gravely hands.I felt in one day everything the dead went through and how

when I came back your smile was nothing more then a sham to boost ones pity.I grieve for you I laugh at

you I call upon everything that makes you want to stop and break to come to you for you are my evil you

are my tears you are the thing that makes me want to steal away your very soul.I have draped you in purple

I have turn you into a blue shell I have made my very voice echo throughout your very twisted soul and yet

you laugh.Shall someone that is not I go unto you and but a mark of death upon your face and make you

run in terror for your on discomfort? You beg me to release you from this bind I shall only laugh only thinking

of your not tearful face unlike the the one you had at my point of death.I am free while you will roam the world

of fire and demons I shall roam this unstuck earth looking or the thing that shall release my very being.As I

walk away from now burning flesh I say

"For ever tear I have cried shall be your punishment you have had your chance for forgiveness but have lost

it." and I sink into this earth like a rock in lava.

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