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The Fault Was Your Own

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Posted By Wind on Oct 22, 2012 at 3:02 PM

I DO NOT own the picture. But the poem is my work. Here is it without the background pictures.

The Fault Was Your Own
By Marcedies Rhodes

With these words,I wonder if I shall break your spirit.
With these stones and stick,I plan to break you.
With this bloody revenge,I will have you wholesomely.

As you slap away my hand let's say your fear is only great toward me yet your cowardice actions are full of jokes.

You nothing more then an eye sore,To prideful to even realize that'll you'll fall break before the day is done.

Tick tock,Tick tock.Your clocks running thin,for if I a prideful beast breaks I'll be sure to bring you with me.

Ha,such a dirty creature do you think you can hold me using such unpleasant scene from a forgotten past?

Of course not these be not your past but you near future,Repeating everything over and over until it to much to handle.

Turn around and drink your poison. Even though your no more child you seem to carry a burden not you own,I will have no regrets ending you pitiful life.

How about I become you poison and let me end you futile life.
I will decided how I die and not let some stranger decided who I am.For that purpose I wield this sword.

What a foolish person,to wield a sword for the person you love is what it is and not for the sake of some unseen future.How can you possible care of a future when you stick yourself in a shell and refuse to leave a past that has forgotten you already.

When will you stop with your nonsense.I have no past therefore my future is chained up,perfectly awaiting me.Let me repeat your punishment so you know.

As this we recite the lines as one.

With these words,we will break out spirits.
With steels and spears,we shall break our body's.
With these bloody revenge,we have betrayed each other for the last time.

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Comments: 2 - Likes: 0 - Views: 1070

  1. Wind
    Hmm.Things out of place usually catches people eyes which is why they are put in.I like it ,though it seems odd it quite fun to add and mix things.Oh and this peom will be used to hurt someone's feelings.And it will be a open mark for my own peace
    Oct 24, 2012
  2. MsJacquiiC
    Wow - Crazy piece. Filled with vile, ill-will towards....someone. Hmmm - The music (Coltrane it sounds like - lovely Iconic stuff) seems strangely out-of-place, for the poem seems almost Halloween-themed. I'm skeered of you :P
    Oct 24, 2012