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The Story Of the Lonely Princess

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Posted By Wind on Nov 13, 2012 at 3:24 AM

Thank you for viewing.I do NOT own the picture but i do however own the Poem itself .

And if you cannot understand the poem writing here you go

The Story Of The Lonely Princess

I sat here from the start of the golden waves to the leaving of the darken blues skies.I often dream of what

away from the tower I seat in everyday,I often wish for someone to come and save me and show me the

world with no fear of death around the corner.To feel the grass under my toes and the wind in my hair could

you believe that everything is harmonize in one with that dream.Me as the princess am only allowed to

dream and not leave this place with only one window and one door.I sing to the skies and the animals that

run and fly freely.Take me with I would say.I'm placing my dreams away for the are all that I have left.

farewell world of the free and brave.

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