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What Is Your Mission

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Posted By Wind on Nov 14, 2012 at 4:54 PM

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What Is Your Mission
By Marcedies Rhodes

I've always found an answer to thing that come to no sense,but in this world who doesn't?

Can you image watching someone grow up not knowing what they are?

Who are you say that which make no sense to simple human understanding?

I speak my own truth from my own knowledge,you understand it all to well.

You speak as though I know such words that comes from someone so demented.
You do have you never noticed your sanity leaving you?You yourself convinced otherwise.

I know of what but who to say I who am know has lost one sanity when you come speaking of devilish knowing?

I know all for what is in my mission to complete you are what I am in need of what I must protect.

Why must you protect a stranger whom you have never meet? Self pride goes a long way.

My pride justifies me unlike you who has pride and yet compel herself to walk toward the light while darkness follow you.

Darkness follow everyone I am no different.

You have no knowing you are lost like a child in the woods.

We are done I am simple to everything and everyone please know that I have faced probelm but not like yours.

Fine but I shall watch you until everything has ended

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