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    sagesweetwater Lesbian Novelist

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    your feathery appendage,
    Goat's Beard, is so close, just
    on the other side of my escutcheon,
    sapphic heraldry marshalling, two coats
    of arms, shielding pussy, a Goat's Beard
    and a Centaur's Lips away from embracing
    in erotic alliance,

    we drink Lachryma Christi,
    wine from the bay of Naples
    seducing the Ashen Keys, seed
    vessels of the ash tree blazoned
    on my escutcheon,

    sapphic heraldry, pussy's feathering,
    Centaur's arrow feathers are of a tincture
    different from that of the shaft,

    fesse point! you
    push wildly against
    the centre of my shield, I
    push back, we fuck metal to
    seering flesh, never have I felt such
    intense labial fire through the shield,
    Goat's Beard is insane with the tinctures,
    the furs, ermine and vair! Metals, gold and
    silver, the rest colours proper, azure, gules,
    sable, vert, purpure, (purple) tenney, orange,
    sanguine, blood-lust color---Sagittarius is raw
    with animal instinct, tongue be of a special tincture,
    * langued of this tincture,

    two coats of arms united
    together, earth and fire, the
    whole is a very complicated affair,
    marshalling, reception of different coats,

    I carry the motto phrase
    in a parchment scroll, "a
    whisper, barely audible"...

    Copyright 2007 Ms. Sage Sweetwater, firebrand lesbian novelist
    *in heraldry, the term langued describes an animal as having its tongue visible

    Jeez Banned

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Ms Sage...,

    You stir the fires
    of the mind and
    the lusts of the

    Posted By Jeez | Apr 25, 2007

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