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    "A Gift Of Life"

    A world of talent

    A world of intimacy

    A world of sorrow

    A world of one race

    Divided by color

    Divided by religion

    Divided by words

    On a screen

    Our soul has a friend

    your outer body

    A shell that will stay behind

    Your soul was covered

    By darkness

    Born into light

    An unknown world

    We walk life’s daily paths

    with negativity.

    We walk life’s daily paths

    with hatred.

    We walk life’s daily paths of death

    In the shadows of our own footprints

    We all have a path of distance

    And coldness that lies in our hearts

    We all have a path of warmth

    That can blanket the distance of ones


    This warmth is our soul

    This coldness is our outer shell

    While we were covered by darkness

    We were nourished and blanketed by

    The womb

    A natural habitat a place to live

    Nine months before we were born

    A gift of God through the gift of intimacy

    A passion of two souls

    Merging to become one

    Planting the seed in the womb

    A gift of life

    Born out of darkness

    Pushed into light

    This soul has a friend

    An outer shell

    That will grow

    Becoming more than an acquaintance

    A relationship in their walk in life

    Maturing, growing and searching

    Life’s daily path’s

    To share Gods gift of life

    Not by negativity

    Not by coldness

    Not by hatred

    But by that warmth

    We have in each others Heart

    Arthur Henn

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