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    Would it be possible to get some feedback from you guys?

    I'm a 19 y/old spoken word artist posting a very personal and emotional piece about my late father.

    I'll post the video first with the lyrics underneath. thank you.

    I'll walk a thousand fires,
    If it means that I can be inspired,
    To live my life as you lived yours,
    A Man without care or a thought for his flaws,
    Pathing the way that we should be living,
    I'll never give up Believing…
    …as long as I'm still breathing,
    I miss you every day, And there's nothing I can say to bring you back,
    Nothing I can do to combat the fact...
    ...That Life shouldn't be lived without you.

    And yeah,
    I say that I'm happy and I'm glad that you've left,
    But you know how I feel, When I've prayed and I've said,
    'you gave me my life, and I'll love you forever,'
    No-one comes close, 'cos there's nobody better,

    You're just a fallen star taking back his night sky,
    I’ll fight back the tears, I promise you I won’t cry,
    And I, I used to be the twinkle in your eye,
    But now you’re here, Twinkling in mine…

    'I Wish you were dead' My final words to you,
    The burden of guilt and pain on my shoulders,
    The crushing of my chest like 7 ton boulders,
    I thought it would leave me, the older I got,
    I can't handle the pain and the pressure I've got,
    I just want it to leave me, I want it to stop,
    I'm stuck with this weight that I can't take off,

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