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Discussion in 'Creative Traditional' started by JerryK, Mar 27, 2012.

    JerryK New Member

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    About Angels (story in verse)

    “Now listen flock, I must have your attention,”
    called out the guardian angel, who also doubled
    as tutor, charged with the strict detention
    of fledglings. How they squirmed and bubbled—
    except for one topside a poultry crate.
    The rest had not yet settled into a blissful state,

    therefore the tutor’s disapproving face. :nono:
    One little angel had this sudden urge
    to hurl away his halo, then give chase
    through space in a spontaneous power surge.
    He dove through Saturn’s rings and made them churn.
    That rascal seemed not eager to return—

    He even masqueraded as a seal,
    with dented halo balanced on his nose,
    then barked in mock-response to the appeal
    spelled out to him in firm and lengthy prose.
    An angel, sent to fetch the little stray,
    pinned back his wings to stop horseplay.

    Now, ended had all silly feather pull;
    the tutor thought the flock looked most serene,
    full chaos yielded to a peaceful scene.
    Most angels preened and felt sooooo wonderful
    (one little being clawed incessantly
    At eggshell, bound to drop off presently).

    The tutor, now pleased with his angel flock,
    no longer had a frown upon his face.
    Tick-tock, tick tock…. His eyes gazed at the clock,
    but earthly hours in Heaven have no place.
    Tick-tock, it ticked, then more tick-tock, tick-tock....
    St. Peter turned the key in Heaven’s lock.

    “Now, class—it’s time you learned one simple fact;
    to you it may come as a big surprise,
    and I’m not so sure how you'll react:
    Those tales, how all of you had hatched were lies...”
    “I know,” said our rambunctious angel lad,
    “one egg--of such huge size cannot be had!”

    “Oh, well...” the tutor set out to explain.
    “But what about me?” came an urgent peep--
    one being shook off some last shell remain,
    then focused on its chicken mash heap
    in search for a precise direction.
    The tutor held it up for close inspection:

    “Get straight inside the place where you belong!”
    The chick departed for the chicken coop;
    contentedly it chirped its poultry song:
    Praise God, I’m spared from going in the soup.

    Posted By JerryK | Mar 27, 2012

    tham Member

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    Feb 19, 2012
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    quite a quaint quote, no quarrels,qualms or quivers on this,thanks

    Posted By tham | May 22, 2012

    JerryK New Member

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    Mar 26, 2012
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    Hi there, Tom;
    my sincere thanks for commenting. Actually, the poem was meant to be of a satirical form. Then I decided against it. Thanks again,

    Posted By JerryK | May 23, 2012

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