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    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wolf Creek, Oregon
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    "Alphabet Soup"

    A- is for Auk of the cold artic sea,
    he lives on the ice
    where the wind blows free.

    B - is for Baby a premature birth,
    lives ninety-eight years
    and still on the earth.

    C - is for Confetti a festive occation,
    scattering smiles
    and exalting elation.

    D - is for Dance to express one`s emotion,
    rhythms enhance
    in movements and motion.

    E - is for Eagle the symbol of much,
    to him he`s just soaring
    to grab a quick lunch.

    F - is for Fish a gift without blunder,
    but teach others to fish
    and they`ll no longer hunger.

    G - is for Grateful in everything and all,
    leave nothing out for granted,
    no matter how small.

    H - is for Harbor the haven worth wishing,
    that all return safely
    from the sea and crab fishing.

    I - is for Illusions a trick for the eyes,
    erroneous perceptions
    performed to surprise.

    J - is for Junk the stuff we all get,
    like a bald man and comb
    never parting with it.

    K - is for Keats an odist of rhyme,
    will pull in the readers
    `til they loose track of time.

    L - is for Lavendaer lovely in bloom,
    and touched by the wind
    adds their fragrant perfume.

    M - is for Motley in symetrical hues,
    a cacophony of colors
    of blends that enthuse.

    N - is for Nine-Eleven remembered so well,
    in Two thousand and one
    The twin towers fell.

    O - is for Opt selection of choice,
    move back from the bush
    and lift up your voice.

    P - is for Professor it`s everyone`s vote,
    he could fix anything
    `Cept the hole in the boat.

    Q - is for Questions researching is best,
    the key to the answers
    is all in the quest.

    R - is for Rain on Summer`s day chores,
    a most welcomed break
    sends the worker indoors.

    S - is for Steve his death unexpected,
    The Crocodile Hunter
    So highly respected.

    T - is for Trust where nothing compares,
    to a shoulder to cry on
    when someone else cares.

    U - is for Understanding beyond our views,
    judge not others harshly
    walk a mile in their shoes.

    V - is for Victor winning fortune and fame,
    shakes hands with the loser
    who`d played a great game.

    W - is for Wagons which rolled ever west,
    taming the prairies
    for all of the rest.

    X - is for Xanadu and Kubla Khan`s decree,
    Where the sacred river ran
    in Coleridge`s poetry.

    Y - is for Youthful the envy of old,
    time slips in silence
    as lives will unfold.

    Z - is for Zephyr the gentle west wind,
    blows out all the lights
    as we come to the end.


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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Dear Sally,
    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this!!! The idea, word selection, myriad of topics, carefully selected concept for each letter, the holsomeness, clever creativity, and etc. makes this such a fine read. It is the kind of poem that one just would keep coming back to, cause it feels good! Thank you for posting!!!!!

    Painted Diary aka Kimberly

    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

    Member Since:
    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wolf Creek, Oregon
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    Thanks so very much, Pained Diary (beautiful Name) Kim your comments are grately appreciated. It's always a pleasure to get into the emotions of others who read my work. Thanks again

    Sally aka (Forestdawn)

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