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    "America, the prettiest beauty." (Patriotic Poem). Author: Stardust. (3-2008).

    America is the prettiest beauty
    That these eyes have ever seen.
    From the valleys to the mountains,
    From the prairies to the blue sea,
    Rivers, oceans and lakes,
    Forests, plains and waterfalls,
    A superb coastline of a sandy outstanding beach,
    There are just a few examples of natural richness,
    That one sole land can teach.

    A wonderful land, the home of the braves
    And the land of the free, where many U.S. Soldiers
    Have sacrified their lives for the cause of Freedom,
    And for generations to come to live in a Free Land.

    How precious gift was coming out
    From their hearts and hands!!
    It was certainly not a bottomless well,
    For what their ultimate deed
    Landed in Heaven at God´s feet.

    America is the prettiest beauty
    That these eyes have ever seen.
    On Memorial Day, just like every single day,
    We remember the U.S. Soldiers
    And on their rock our prayers are laid.
    Our Lord has given an outstanding gift...
    America is the prettiest beauty
    That these eyes have ever seen.

    God bless America!!
    God bless the American people!!
    The Lord has poured His unconditional love
    Over the U.S. land, as a gift from Heaven above.

    Author: Stardust. (3-2008).
    This poem is dedicated to all Americans at home and abroad, as a special gift on Memorial Day. God bless you all, my dear friends!!
    Warm Regards,

    Posted By stardust | Apr 3, 2008

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