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    [imga=left]http://sol-magazine-projects.org/apj/Current/_wp_generated/pp71fbb63c.png[/imga]WE DECLINE: Ampersand Poetry Journal declines erotica. We decline submissions that do not fit our formatting guidelines. We decline work from poets younger than eighteen. We decline poems with an excess of adjectives, dream poems, graphic language, cursing, rants, backward phrasing, archaic words, performance pieces, or work intended to promulgate religious or political propaganda. No Asian forms. Rhyming works discouraged. We do not publish manuscripts. We reserve the right to decline any work at any time without giving any reason.

    WE PREFER: Ampersand Poetry Journal is interested in beautifully written poetry; poetry that speaks of common topics in an uncommon way; uncommon topics discussed without elevation. We want a variety of poems with unique metaphors, interesting points of view, fresh imagery, strong voice, and clear thoughts. Spirituality and light sensuality welcome. We often accept previously published poems where rights have reverted to the author. We expect Western forms but prefer free verse. Highly competitive, we prefer previously published poets, but on rare occasion consider the work of new poets with strong promise. We prefer between four and six poems, enough to fill a single published page yet give a reading panel a choice of work.

    READ THE JOURNAL: See what we have published before. Then carefully review your proposed submission. Revise lines ending in weak words such as personal pronouns, conjunctions, or articles. Edit for spelling or grammar errors. Eliminate an over-abundance of punctuation, including ninety nine percent of commas at the ends of lines. Remove bolding and clichés. Very long poems may not allow several other works on the same page, or force parallel columns. Very long lines may wrap in inconvenient places.


    In the Note

    2. CONTACT INFORMATION (full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address.)
    4. TITLES OF POEMS (plus prior publication information for each, if any.) Do not include poems in the body of your e-mail.

    1. EXPANDED CONTACT INFORMATION: Tell us what contact information we may include, or we will only publish your name, e-mail address, city, state and country with biography and photo.

    2. EXPANDED BIOGRAPHY: We suggest you include a paragraph of prior publishers, college and other educational information, and mention of family. 3. QUOTE: Under your third person biography, you may include a succinct first person quote about why you write, or why poetry particularly appeals to you.

    Attached to your e-mail

    Required: Include four to six poems in a single (one) MS Word (.doc) file. No MS Works documents. Do not include your name in the attachment.

    Optional: Poems may be in Rich Text (.rtf) format.

    SEND TO: AmpersandPoetry-Journal@yahoo.com

    RESPONSE time may be eight weeks or longer. Ready a color close-up and other short poems; do not send until requested. Submission to Ampersand Poetry Journal implies that you are over the age of eighteen.

    If you find our guidelines too restrictive, you may find a better fit at another publisher. Poet’s Market includes the name of over 1,800 venue, each with its own set of guidelines.

    Best of luck with your writing.

    Warmest regards,

    Mary Margaret Carlisle, Project Director
    Leo F. Waltz, Webmaster

    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Jul 31, 2007

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