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    Beauty Quotient (For My Heart is Filled with Love)

    Vampire of solitude ...
    Shadows upon my brow ...
    Nothing to do
    But protect and amuse
    In relative peace
    To forgive my so called enemies
    To forget, and allow

    The shadows tell me
    To have no motives
    I can never fool them
    So they know
    Fear and anger and hate
    Build up
    Until enlightement comes
    Saves me and lets them go

    And so I search for the sun
    Put aside my twisted humour soul
    Sweet holy people live and die
    On both sides
    Every day
    I must fight the impulses
    That would make me die sooner
    I learn how to take self control

    And next I ask "What is man?
    Is he the stuff of sin and malice and vice?
    So hard to understand
    So foggy, so unknown?
    Or is he noble and just
    And right and true dealing with fate's tossed dice
    As a poker hand
    Making me a shadow
    Of what I could have been?"
    And I regret how into sadness
    I have grown

    Yes, beauty confuses me
    Seduction style
    Victory soothes me, still
    But makes jealous pangs inside
    I must minimize
    Reduction style
    And find my faith in myself
    And in God
    I must find my will

    I know it's all inside

    The inner quest is for inner light
    God bless me and bring me back to normal days
    I lay as though wine drunk
    Dwelling in my sicknesses far too long
    I must go back to the world of proof of formal ways
    And awaken and move back to the waking world
    And save my heart before it goes
    I look up on this cold drear rainy night
    And see the moon appear and, in romance, glow

    And I smile
    For now I have accepted myself
    For all a self can really be
    I know my capacities
    And confusions
    And dangers
    And risks
    The need for love
    That may become an ugly greed
    But I know what is truly wrong
    And is truly right
    And I know what to stand for indeed
    I will become myself in full sight

    I can't change our shared past
    I look to be more in the future
    And I will be just like a hero in heart
    Fighting the illusions impure I have witnessed or grown
    None the more, none the fewer

    I will see the spirit and God's work foremost
    And move for love
    And with that knowledge go
    Until into the ground I am, final, lain
    May that day be long into tomorrow's years
    With my faith in God
    And peace dove
    For in nature life by love goes

    And I know today is for me to persevere for all my ideals

    For my heart is yet filled full with love

    Posted By TrueBlue | Jul 6, 2007

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