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    Because I liked you before you treated me like crap.
    When you were a friend to me, someone I trusted, someone who made me feel so comfortable and secure.

    You were a joy, I couldn't wait to see.
    I'd wait for hours to see you for the shortest time.
    I didn't care what they said,
    Or that they didn't like you very much.
    I didn't care.

    You made me feel so good, I can't even describe,
    For fear of not doing it justice.
    I didn't mind the way you were.
    You never sickened me with your perverted way of thinking, or your interesting taste in jokes.
    I was never annoyed by you butting into my conversation, I was thrilled.
    I never had the same views as any of them.
    I was different.

    I never did anything to deserve it;
    Do you even realize how many times you've contradicted yourself?
    Driving in two opposite directions all at once.
    How do you justify that?
    You ask why girls alway go for the guys that treat them like crap?
    Well I liked you long before you treated me that way.
    I don't think I can stop;
    Liking you that is.
    I can't just say...You're a dick, and I don't like you anymore.
    Hell, if it was that easy i'd have done it long ago.
    But just because I'm not throwing you out, doesn't mean I'll forgive you.
    I don't think I can. Not now at least.
    I wonder if I can even look at you without wanting to cry?
    When I close my eyes you are all I can see,
    But I'd rather see anyone but you.


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