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    As I cross the hot desert sands, they seem infinite like the sands of time
    This overbearing urge that leads me! Where does it come from?
    The sands, so quiet, not a sound, silent just like a mime
    I don't know what leads me, to thirst I should have succumb.

    This thing leads me to I know not where
    But all I can do is follow this strange urge which leads me
    All the ancient artifacts all around, all I can do is stare
    The sun so bright, causing much difficulty to see.

    It's like the hands of the ancient Gods themselves are leading me
    The sand, the wind, I don't know what is leading me, but I have to keep on
    So silent and foreboding, it's like I hear the wind as a thousand cries, see
    The sands themselves are starting to hear like the cries of those long gone.

    Somehow I know I'm getting close to my destination
    I recognize the Great Pyramid, this tells me I'm at the Giza Plateau
    I see the Sphinx, guarding the sands, as it has done for thousands of years under the hot Egyptian sun
    Your grandeur, you are majestic, as you guard the tombs of those from long ago.

    It's like I hear a voice beckoning to me from the great tomb
    Am I to believe I hear the voice of Khufu his self?
    Leading me was some thing from with inside the tomb
    Am I to reunite body and soul with Khufu? Will I obtain his power, his wealth?

    Posted By lanaia74 | Nov 28, 2006

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