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    ...And my idea here was to do a piece based on an experiment done using black and white dolls. 1940's experiment done using dolls to study children's attitude about race. Kenneth and Mamie Clark.

    Imagine that these two particular dolls are human but pass for dolls. Like Chuckie, Just not that fucked up.

    Disclaimer: Dis ain't your grandfather's poetry dis ain't dat roses are red violets are blue. You may not hear about rolling hills and mountains. Sometimes everything was blue. Also, these dolls could be male like Chuckie just not that fucked up.

    From the series, we spell words any way we want to

    Selima Tamika Disheaka Hanifia Taquita Jenkins
    WHITE DOLL: Negative Characteristics/ bad ugly dark dark dark like tree bark da proverbial bad bottom bitch nigger doll black dark dark dark and old useless doll always cryin whinein bitchin moanin groanin cryin liein bout racial profilein police hair grease ...school she was no fool missin school a all da golden rules asthma allergies bullie/haters skyscrapers escalators elevators full of gov ment cheese she got behind a very very dark dark dark like tree bark eight ball school clothes school shoes missin all da golden rules and bitchin and whinein bout racial profilein dark dark dark like tree bark she was lazy crazy low down son of a gun crack hoe wit a crack baby eatin crackerjacks ain't nobody got no money for dat dad shot by cop no hugs tried drugs ask your doctor if the pain she feels is really real tried to kill pain of very very very low self-esteem you know what I mean dat was some good ice-cream she dreamed dreams of herself inward she said white dolls mattered she said that she would really begin to start to walk da walk and not just talk da talk
    Becky Sue/Poly Purebred
    BLACK DOLL: Positive Characteristics/ good good good and young go-getter doll white white white as the pure driven snow cones cell phone never alone rich beautiful nice clean Poly Purebred said on her phone that the white doll is false narrative comparative that she bullshitin and she should stop all dat whinein liein cryin about racial profilin that it was troublemakers and haters on both sides black doll went to a very very very big big big school on a very big hill in a very big town she did not miss school all da golden rules had a nice car never ventured the bar no drugs some hugs she loved watching cops her dad made robots he was not shot by cop she was not dark dark dark like tree bark blonde hair never a care or dispair everyone liked to like her she said black dolls matter
    she two would stop just talking the talk but hire someone to walk da walk

    Posted By michael | Oct 4, 2017

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