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    MattBecks New Member

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    Mar 22, 2013
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    Intrigue me more if you conversation tight girl,
    Entice me with your mind you might be the right girl.
    "Darkskins" misunderstood, when I said I want a bright girl.
    Don't worry about the shades,
    Do your thing on the mic then I'll preform on your stage.
    My ego eager to touch the right spot,
    Just to watch you arrive....at the conclusion that the complexion of this connection is red hot.
    Lets us give each other pleasure, for more than forever.
    My endeavor get you wetter than wetter, take a dive in my mind hope my Clever bring pleasure.
    Now I can stroke deep and take you to ecstasy off of that pressure.
    Baby between your legs is a gift but between your ears is a treasure.
    Not trying to black and blue you but If the feeling mutual, could you.
    Accept this beatdown and know that deep down, my love is lost in your maze
    Mind is a haze and I haven't made an acquaintance with a demo.
    If I miss a payment you can repo, this vehicle. Lock me up in your lot.
    I love you so as long as it's exclusive I don't mind paying a late fee.
    Give birth to new love, God knows love them "darkskins".
    But a bright girl is the girl for me.

    -Color Complex
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    Posted By MattBecks | Mar 22, 2013

  1. Digging it

    JONATHAN living not existing.

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    Amazing stuff, it was a highly well thought out, structured and entertaining read.. Bravo!

    Posted By JONATHAN | Mar 22, 2013

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