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    ronn55 godschild

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    Dec 22, 2006
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    So much could be accomplished if we’d we all act as one
    Not a day will come, when all things we should finish, we
    can claim are done
    Let’s learn to listen, so we’d understand
    How all life revolves around God and His plans

    The body of Christ is in such disarray
    With most of its members, pressing on in a different way
    If only we could appreciate our time that remains
    We’d seek His truth, and break free from these chains

    I realize as a people, we’ll never come to understand each other
    Nor will we truly love and forgive, allow acceptance for one another
    It’s only a matter of time before we all see his face
    For righteousness to prevail, and justice to take place

    If I live to see just one more day
    Let me praise the Lord, and just walk the right way
    Christ is our tower, and our worship of Him should never end
    We’re just as confused now, as God had us back then

    It’s true the Tower of Babel is still alive today
    Based on doctrines, beliefs and the lives we portray
    Confusion will always dwell in the house of a fool
    Let not his opinion become your living rule

    Imagine if you will, there’s no more pain and sorrow
    And with a little faith, it can happen as soon as tomorrow
    The Word is life, and its goal we all should agree
    Life has a purpose, and its outcome we’ll see

    You see what can happen when our assignments are done
    The challenges we’ll face, when we all act as one
    But that’s my dream, and I’ll act in that fashion
    As long as the Lord has mercy, I can show compassion

    Please understand it’s all about Jesus, not about you
    But you have the right to express your beliefs and opinions too
    Let’s learn to stand together, so we’d weather every storm
    I realize this kind of closeness is far fetched, and not usually
    the norm

    If only we’d truly embrace one another with the desire to be free
    With understanding in our hearts, and communication as the key

    Posted By ronn55 | Dec 30, 2006

    Altree94 VIP Member

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    Aug 8, 2006
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    Very nice write, Ron! Oh, if only...! Take heart, my friend! You are not the only one with this goal in mind! I not only agree with what you say, I also love the way you say it!


    Posted By Altree94 | Dec 30, 2006

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