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    mruss1 New Member

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Confessions of Love

    As a nation in mourning,prepares for the war,
    A way of life is changing,it can't be like before.
    People feel sorrow,for all that has died,
    Thousands of people dead,thousands of tears cried.
    I listen to stories,as the visions are still fresh in my head.
    Confessions of love,were the last words said..........
    One brief second,to say goodbye,
    Then the next moment,the people just died.
    The dying words of many,was to say I love you.
    To comfort their loved ones,when they could see it was through.
    I think of those phone calls,the final goodbyes,
    As a nation vows vengence,for all that has died.
    Monuments of progress,lie in ruins on the ground,
    As they sift through the wreakage,the bodies are found.
    I think what was,and what's up ahead,
    I try to understand,just too many dead.
    As the leaders plan,their coarse of attack,
    A sorrow starts to grow,there's no turning back.
    I think of those last words,a phone call back home,
    Then the spirits were extinquished,the loved one's left alone.
    People light candles,hope for the best?
    What happens next,is anyone's guess........
    The mighty fortress of civilization,is now rubble on the ground,
    More people dead,more bodies found........
    The bell starts to toll,as the death toll grows higher,
    Yet their dying words,were those of desire.
    To try to comfort the upcoming loss,
    Confessions of love,by the souls that were lost.
    I think of what happened,it's just stuck in my mind,
    I wonder of the future and cry for mankind.
    When will all of this destruction just end?
    I see it become perpetual,with intentions we send.
    The acts must be punished,but when will it stop?
    Then confessions of love,just rise to the top.................

    Posted By mruss1 | Feb 12, 2008

    Terence Member

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    May 7, 2007
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    Hi Mark,

    I'm pleased to see you are not judgmental about the war in this, though the repetition of the spectre of "More people dead,more bodies found" makes suitable recognition of the realities. Your theme though, I believe, is more related to the love between the dying soldier and the one left behing and that comes through strong. Overall, a powerful poem.


    Posted By Terence | Feb 19, 2008
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    Mysty JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    Canadian Prairies
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    Hiya Mark and :jpicwelcome1: :D This is an wonderful introduction to your poetry. Yes I too feel the foreboding of what may come ......but I also feel the hope that mankind will learn. It is really sad what we do in the name of brotherhood of mankind hmm? You have portrayed it very well here. This end part made the most impression on me .

    It is like an end to hope but still it leaves a glimmer. Excellent write...


    Posted By Mysty | Feb 19, 2008

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