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    Jul 15, 2006
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    Death makes more my love
    Distance makes it clearer
    Holier is your embrace
    My love
    And my funeral I no longer
    Fear it
    Your beauty lulls
    My ambitious goals
    With time
    Rendering them to love's
    Golden palace
    Which waits in divinity above
    In God's mind
    The place where our spirits shall
    Have no limit
    Or need of hate
    And be hurt by no deathly malice

    And our hearts will know peace
    My dear, again
    And home, and, truth, brilliantly alight!
    A promise of the splendor
    We saw with sunrise
    As we kissed
    Whatever happens
    I know I will see you again, my lovely one
    In the home of our lord and master
    To our protector I surrender
    In our time wisping as wise stars of the night

    Substance in between the dark and the light that fights,
    Even if there is no next life waiting,
    As many of us think, we are only this when together
    This I surely sense
    We, only the creation
    Despite our plight
    What we wanted most of all all of the time
    Is the love that we gave
    As heartful spirit senders
    And all hate it shall weather
    We were all rightly created

    I love your touch

    And, in the future, that love shall live to be
    On and on, forever formed essence, after
    Our wishes fulfilled
    We shall need no recompense
    I drink to joy and laughter

    Yes the future shall honor our promise to love
    This land, it's fruit, and children, and us, to each
    In this life between you and me, this trust
    We see with common sense, emotions that will reach
    For this life which we live will persist
    It is and shall always be, an unfathomable matter
    And this love that to each we gave --
    Shall always exist
    No devil shall breach
    And for the two of us, there remained
    A romance fit for destiny yet
    The love abounding, greater than all the battles

    Dust to flesh to dust,
    Even knowing not how or why, as us
    We will once be more in the land of our
    Who will keep us as we are
    The word alive
    The dream behind it
    Nature sings, as does my guitar
    And is impossible for our minds to comprehend
    That promise I will never forget

    As sure as there is sin and saviour
    Hate and love
    Don't tremble, don't go cold, my one
    For we are surely the stuff of life and beauty
    I celebrate
    Even with every act, betrayed or oath undone
    In his perfect knowledge, he understands his duty
    With justice for every deed and everyone
    God knows love
    And we need not fear tonight
    And I will hold you near

    I will keep you, here

    And even if this world no longers holds
    Home for us, in death, below or above
    That is all enough to celibrate
    And in our time the creator condones us to freedom's choice
    And what we were will remain
    In the dreams and the make up of the lives, future won
    Our little ones, their purest newly singing voice
    In whom our spirits are bonded
    We give on life, our time not lost but won

    Of everything that lived before or after
    I love
    We will watch with the sky
    Where beauty and eternity lies
    And dream
    Our tears, as dew, grow moist
    My sadness, blue as the rain, it seems
    I don't know anything
    But I know I love how those stars gleam

    With the rites of a life lived
    If I'm grown old
    Yes, my sweet one, your love shall have shown me truth
    It has shown me truth
    That god is loving
    And He has won my trust
    And I hope gracefully I will pass on

    And so should we be
    For, like the sun,
    Everything that breathes,
    We are beauty's sweet proof
    A time for us won
    I don't understand but I do know
    These words:

    I need you
    I want you
    I love you
    And I know this time
    Just how much my love and heart needs
    I will stay strong alone, but stronger with you
    And see the love that our souls breed

    Gina, I would give my life to thee
    I know and love you
    And see our's
    A love so rarely known

    I love you

    Posted By TrueBlue | Feb 23, 2007

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