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    mountainpepper Member

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Longwarry in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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    A nursery close to our town,
    Sells plants of near every kind,
    And I’ve got landscaping to do,
    So plants are foremost in my mind.

    And spring is the optimum time,
    To plant out my arboreal desire,
    I’ll wander on down to the nursery,
    To see what is best to acquire.

    And suggested is Japanese maple,
    Grown for its foliage and form,
    An ornament great for the garden,
    Needing shelter from when it gets warm.

    And better if grown in the shade,
    With soil that is deep and is cool,
    Add plenty of water in summer,
    And mulching is great as a rule.

    But a gardener I never will be,
    Yet I know when there’s trouble about,
    The Maple grew strong through the summer,
    Now there’s something I cannot work out.

    With watering, mulching and shelter,
    Admiring the greenest of green,
    My Maple is now looking stressed,
    With the foliage becoming obscene.

    Of course I am feeling concerned,
    ‘Cause I don’t want my Maple to die,
    So I gathered leaf samples all withered,
    In hope that I might find out why.

    Now the nursery is more than helpful,
    When I asked of my Maple’s descend,
    They said “Oh your Maple’s quite healthy,
    It’s just suffering autumn my friend.”

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    Mysty JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    Canadian Prairies
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    Hello Mountainpepper :) I have to say I quite liked this ..... Maple is one of my favorite trees. Wonderful write :) oh ...... yes :jpicwelcome1::jpicrocks:


    Posted By Mysty | Mar 26, 2008

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