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    All my life my destiny has been pre-ordained
    Born with the mark of the devil, my path was to be of evil and the dark
    Then I met another person of evil, from a different plane
    Him, a creature of the night then on me he left the vampire's mark.

    Then my morbid existence, was not only evil but of the macabre
    Me, having to lurk in the darkness, as I searched for the liquid, I so desperately needed
    Searching for unsuspecting victims, so from them, their life force, I could rob
    The unquenchable thirst, that always had to be fed

    For over a thousand years, I have lurked in the shadows of the macabre
    Doing whatever I must, to feed my undying thirst
    When I fed, my victims I would never listen to their dying cries and sobs
    Always putting my needs, always putting them first.

    Now, I live in the biggest city, I could find
    Making my hunting ground, a vampire's dream
    Oh, so many victims, it's hard to conceive within my evil mind
    Each night, I make my pilgrimage, in this big city, murder and death, is part of nature or so it seems.

    Try to catch me if you dare
    You never will as I unleash my evil, it is my duty, in a way consider it my job
    If I find you, I will transport you to the devil's lair
    It is my path, it is my destiny of the macabre.

    Posted By lanaia74 | Oct 30, 2006

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