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    :gotmail: I’m tired of making excuses
    for the men in my life
    Let me rephrase that-
    “I’m tired of the sorry excuse for a man in my life”
    So what if you got two balls
    and they swing when you walk
    You are still full of shit
    It overflows when you talk.
    Your life’s oh so busy
    You couldn’t come home last night.
    Guess what, hon?
    I’ll be busy for the rest of my life.
    Don’t put your hands on me
    I don’t know what’s living in your skin
    More like a dog in heat
    Just a pretty garbage bin
    Think you could twist me like a pretzel
    cause you made up the rules
    well I’m sorry for your mamma
    cause she spawned a fool
    I’m stepping like a lady
    so I wont bitch slap your ass
    Besides, in another two seconds
    you’re the forgotten past
    Just take your sorry ass self
    and leave me the hell alone
    Hold on to your stinking lies
    Like a dog with his bone
    I’ve got my pride in hand
    Placed Me back on top shelf
    Oh! you say we need to talk?
    Please dial 1*888*GO-FXXX-UR-SELF

    Posted By santui | Jul 26, 2007

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