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    TheBlackPoet New Member

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    The Audio Edition
    hacked version

    formatted version (better sound with earphones)

    The Written Edition
    Do Something

    Must be me… an angry Black Man..
    Looking for trouble
    everybody I know says
    I need to chill…
    What can I do
    I’m a lone gunman
    And America… is America

    I can’t get it out of my head
    The kidnapping, the deception, the pain, the death..
    The many, many deaths.
    They must be avenged

    I maybe one man, but I know I’m not the only one
    I secretly study the art of war under the single flicker of a candle
    Pretending to read something else
    My eyes burn, but I feel compelled to go on
    Visions of dead Black bodies scroll across my mental screen
    And so, I read on… eyes burning…

    I no longer watch military movies for their entertainment value
    I’m laughing on the outside, but in secret, I’m learning… I’m plotting
    I want the bad guy to live because.. I understand the villain’s plight

    Organized religion is a continued campaign of obedience
    Obedience without question - Obedience without question
    They schedule the times I can worship
    6am – 9a and 11a – 1p…
    They send ushers every fifteen minutes
    To collect - To collect
    I ration one dollar at a time
    And each time, I get that “cheap motherfucker” look.. cheap bastard..

    I can’t let them know what my heart cries
    I can’t let them know because they will know
    I am not what they think I am

    I watched as they murdered a revolutionary
    I watched from the midst of the crowd
    As they mobbed him… surrounded him with weapons of mass destruction
    and high calibers
    I wished he knew; now was not the time
    The time was not now
    But he wouldn’t shut up… he wouldn’t shut the fuck up!
    And I watched him let them mob him
    Surround him with weapons of mass destruction
    and high calibers
    I think he must’ve known I was militant too
    Because he pointed at me,
    but then came the shot - then came the shot
    The blood poured from the head wound
    from the chest wound
    from the back wound
    Like… like a river..
    Die nigga!.... Die nigga!
    And he died, pointing… at me
    Eyes still open … still open
    Was he tired of waiting?
    Tired of waiting for the day when
    Black men like me would stop standing in the fucking crowd
    Stop sitting idly by
    Stop reading about it
    Stop talking about it
    Stop looking around
    And do something
    And do something...

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Dear BP,

    I felt the very pulse of your words in my veins as you read. This was raw, this was real, and from the abyss of your soul. I saw, I felt, I tasted it. I loved everything about this piece, and to see it written is great, but to hear the words as you read them with the very passion, from which you pen was phenomenal. When I say everything, for me there is no need to pin point or quote, because like I said, everything and every word spoke to me. There are a myriad of words in this that stand out, and are omnipotent. Your poetry comes from a place of passion, experience, like hear my earthy words, this is me, this is my poetry, this is my stance. Your poetry /audio demands respect and attention, and more. My hat goes off to you, as this sent chills up and down.

    You certainly did ....."Do Something".

    Loved this BP, and thank you for sharing.

    Dr. Rob :)

    PoetryInMotion PoetryInMotion

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    Aug 8, 2007
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    Southeren, California
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    Brother, PaintedDairy could not have said it any better.


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