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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by jakeminick, Jun 5, 2018.

    jakeminick McGonagall's Ghost

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    The breeze of death blows by the ears of the regal in a pleasing whisper
    As self-entitlement chips away at the mother of its invention
    Oh bring me a stained-glass-mask for the people
    Now fall to a crawl as the walls are administered
    They’ll never know what we’ve reached for
    If everybody was but, it doesn’t fit the moment
    So apparently things are going accordingto exponents
    Wash up and check the medium
    Now take advantage of the people
    See how they speak through
    Deities that are solid and directional
    Check in them what is most notably simian
    Now find a villain with oppositional conviction
    Most likely like them but, possessing righteous indignation
    (About their budding and withering)
    Fix the wind and supplant investments
    I’m teaching you too much
    You owe me two loaves and a pup
    Have you said hi to your aunt for me?
    How’s your sister doing in college?
    Let me know how this works out for you
    I’ll keep in touch
    The main thing between us is an element of trust
    I love you because we have a sense of involvement
    Now you are one of us
    It’s just levels of tribal relations
    Don’t sweat it
    Those that are not involved deserve to be crushed
    Or to be pillars of the monument
    It’s a simple Darwinian struggle
    Those controlling
    The energetic flow
    Set the standard
    “It’s simple economics man”
    It’s a free market,
    Thank you very much

    Posted By jakeminick | Jun 5, 2018

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