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    Nikos Tselepides New Member

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    Dec 6, 2006
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    of the lovers
    for lovers.

    The grasshoppers
    with news of her come spring.

    Cytherea’s month, April.
    Busy your rough hands

    with her tenderness
    when she comes.

    Stand by her and
    take up the poem

    “Come, thou clear-voiced Muse
    begin your song

    to the lovely lyre”
    they say you died in Samos

    you are the Muse of erotic poetry
    that crazy sentiment that overpowers

    men and women
    who are desired

    and worthy to be loved.
    They steer by your music and

    you never died--
    you minister delight

    as each journey ends or begins
    we hunger for release

    northwards we can see
    the fires on the hills

    as night falls
    there is a sudden flourish

    of skill in music
    we can hear the round dance

    of your notes, our study
    of the stars in the sky

    is lost in a dream of diamonds and commands
    that we be, that we answer

    that we become yours
    and that we learn to love

    wrong, wrong
    the subjunctive is not a tense

    but a mood. That we
    follow your mood

    and unite
    with the object of our desire

    as the blue heron does in spring
    as lions mate at our feet

    growling and whimpering
    what weird sounds love makes

    what pain, what joy
    what stores and piles of lots of things


    Nikos Tselepides
    Athens, Greece
    15th June 2007

    Jer4clarity Lover of Meanings

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    Jun 7, 2007
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    Yucca Valley, California
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    I should not have let the picture (you avatar) your name and the designation as "Gender=Male" keep me from checking your contemplative style and writings.

    I enjoyed this poem very much...I scanned the couplets and watched how they blended together and stood alone. When someone puts this much thought and time into their writing it speaks to me of internal musings that must be search for so that they can have a life of their own.

    The title is great!

    the first couplet is like the opening of a paragraph and summarizes the body.

    And then the story begins and you weave nature into the scene and it's "ERATO" (I think) and so the reader finds all their senses peaked.

    My FAv:

    I shall be back to read again.

    Thanks for sharing....


    Posted By Jer4clarity | Jul 1, 2007

    Bear JPiC Contributor

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    Dec 7, 2006
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    magnificent penning Nikos

    Posted By Bear | Jul 1, 2007

    Nikos Tselepides New Member

    Member Since:
    Dec 6, 2006
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    [JUSTIFY]Thanks for your your comments.
    Bear: Thanks, it was torturous to write this piece with such slanted logic as this, but intentionally written this way, as a challeng.Jer4Clarity:
    the avatar now has been changed to a picture of me. The girl you saw before is gone, though she still remains part of my life. Many will know who she is, as she is an international figure.
    Now there is no reason for confusion. I am a man, and very much heterosexual, and have spent most of my life chasing women successfully. The art of doing that is a book I have in mind to write, and it may just solve money problems as such matter sells like crazy.


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