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    Tha-Emissary Black Knight!

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    The lil boy sitting on the sofa in front of the camera
    I hear him say,
    “I’m upset for his kids, for the things they’ve did.”
    I hear him state,
    “I think of him, when I wake up, going to sleep at night.
    I see him in my head,
    This man they call dead.”
    Again he says,
    “I’m upset for his kids.
    Because they will ask,
    “Where’s our Father?”
    While a mother sits silent to grieve the reality of a corpse,
    The good husband, the good father, the newly stiff martyr.
    She will ever remember this date, this story, all of his glory.
    A dark dusk setting in a foreign territory.
    When one human walked into darkness offering peace and surrender,
    The gate guards declining, their bullets uncompromising
    Screaming Sir, Render!
    Your kids,
    Your wife,
    And finally your life!
    As they married his neck
    Death laid kiss upon his spinal cord.
    While the conductor raises his stick
    Angelic bands follow in accord.
    To play as his decrescendo began,
    When his white light, white flag and body did fall
    The sounds of another great martyr was heard receiving the call
    It was Lincoln, King, Malcolm X, and now James
    Seems time passes on, but rules never change
    Hate firmly on the trigger,
    Blinks, takes aim.
    Shoots through their necks and blows out their brains.
    Killing the president, preacher, fighter, and writer,
    Extinguishing a flame,
    But never the lighter.

    Moonchild Moon Goddess of Whispers

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    Jul 24, 2007
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    This is powerful and well written.
    Much truth at the end. Great ending too.
    It has much meaning and impact...excellent write Tha-Emissary!
    Happy Memorial Day! :beach:

    Posted By Moonchild | May 26, 2008
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    Mysty JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Hi CJ I have to say I agree with Moonchild. This is well written and is deep yet so eloquent.

    I will be back to read a few times I think...... so much to delve into.

    Thank You for posting a marvelous piece of work.


    Posted By Mysty | May 28, 2008

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