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    Claimer: I aint got a motherfuckin thing to prove dis ma gift dis ma truth dis ma poetry dis ma platform and I aint learn nona dis shit in jail

    From the series: we spell words any way we want to or just google um

    Everybody aint like me cuzz at twenty-three my dad got shot by cops you see
    Everybody aint like me cuzz at twenty-three it was a great
    Tragedy... You see
    Everybody aint like me cuzz at twenty-three da bible was not in me you see
    said, my grandparents
    Everybody just aint like me since I was raised as muslm you see
    of course, we have similarity
    teeter tottering slipin sliden wishie washie on da fence you see
    but fa real everybody aint like me cuzz at twenty-three
    my mom did not approve of me
    real long story...separated family you see
    look just like my father you see
    my father said I look just like my mother you see
    like a dichotomy
    this shit really happens you see
    Everybody aint like me cuzz at twenty-three there was a


    you see
    twenty-three felt really lost and clueless you see
    Everybody aint like me who has lived with the irony of my dad
    being military po po you see
    No closure since then you see
    No one marched to anywhere in particular
    my heart used to be so hard it almost broke you see
    I thought there was no one like me
    of course, I have learned of the similarities
    its been a while since I was twenty-three
    now it's just and my poetry
    you see

    Patrick Henry Page
    April 17, 1935-May 7, 1984
    Sailor, Solider, Military Po Po
    Not to be confused with some bitch
    ass nigger He had a mental Illness
    as a result of some shit that
    happened while in the Navy He deserved better
    And no I'm not muslim I'm doin
    me now

    Posted By michael | Oct 7, 2018

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