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    Mynd Rayne New Member

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    Dec 6, 2006
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    Everything is changing,
    there's nothing we can do;
    It's time to move on.

    Walking ahead,
    try not to look back--
    all it does
    is bring more pain.

    Walk ahead,
    don't look around--
    there's nothing
    you can change.

    is now the past,
    every tomorrow
    is the future.

    The memories
    will never leave us,
    but there's nothing
    we can go back
    and change.

    It's time to move on.

    People come and go,
    friends are the ones
    that stay.
    True friends
    never go away.
    Even when
    everything changes.

    Tears will be shed,
    this we know is true
    as we walk across
    that stage.
    But at the end of
    that stage,
    begins a new stage
    in our lives.

    Friends will slowly
    drift apart,
    many will leave.
    Some are destined
    to college,
    to tech school,
    to the military.
    Some will just
    stay home.

    Letters will be written,
    pictures sent,
    even phone calls made.

    The time will come
    for a reunion,
    and all will be
    amazed at how
    very much we've changed.

    Each decision we make
    will lead us to
    a new stage in our lives.

    But some of us
    wont make it far.
    We think we're tough,
    as if we can't
    be takon down.

    Life's no big deal,
    so who really cares?

    I do.
    You should.
    You will.

    Posted By Mynd Rayne | Dec 31, 2006

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