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    Nikos Tselepides New Member

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    Dec 6, 2006
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    What is this sound
    her words are efforts
    the fingers feel the skin
    then caress the thighs
    What did you say
    she asks him
    His eyes are dry
    like the island, all tears
    were shed long ago
    Did you say you love me
    she asks
    The sun sets behind the hill
    Everyone is alone
    She understands only
    her own silence
    His speech is his body
    His blood, flesh and bone
    are the only words
    he can give her, apart
    from a few stars
    in the sky at night


    You will soon disappear
    like the island wind

    Even your best moments
    by the blue water

    will be forgotten in the footsteps
    of departing lovers

    The boatman, come October,
    will stroll in your dreams

    as he did in July -calm,
    muscular, indifferent.

    Then the wind will rise
    and sweep all memory clean

    leaving an empty glass
    on the corroded table top.


    And I went down to the ship from Sifnos
    to watch the Greeks offload fruit and vegetables.
    They worked in an uproar of muscle and voice
    graceful but poised at moments at the very edge
    as if they would fall in the crystal water.
    They set their prices by bridging their syllables
    to the land while the heaven-born wind rose
    stinging the laurel leaves with movement.
    They sold all, untied her, waved and sailed.
    The town resumed its speech, lights began
    to brighten the oncoming dark, and, from somewhere
    among the olive trees, this poem began.



    you were

    of the quietness of the sea


    you're of the first stir

    of the wind


    2 Sept. 93

    Naoussa, Paros island, Nikos Tselepides

    v3sista U Know Me

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Reading over yours writes, I like your style. I guess U intend to Grace us w/ this different flair? Plenty of room 4 it here. SOUVENIR gives an imaginative visual and I like that. COUPLE feels like two people trying to communicate, but not hearing one another. YOU is probably how a married couple might feel after the "Honey Moon" is over..LoL!! I enjoyed the read. WELCOME!


    Posted By v3sista | Dec 7, 2006

    lanaia74 New Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
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    Your words flowed like music! VERY well done!:trombone: :partydrinkers: :partydrinkers:

    Posted By lanaia74 | Dec 7, 2006

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