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    mcglinnen New Member

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    Aug 8, 2006
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    She came to me from the mist.

    Ah crystalline shroud that hovers ever so delicately,
    caressing the most soil
    while vaporous waifs are drawn,
    tentacle like, towards nights
    brilliant orb.

    Silent orb that draws the waters
    to soil’s refuge,
    she was as one with the moons mysteries,
    timeless fascination upon mans
    ignorant eyes.

    Cobalt eyes that drew me towards her
    hesitant not I gaze unto the radiance
    drawn as if from some deep well
    where clear, cool, spring water awaited
    the touch of my lips.

    Her lips met mine for a brief eternity.
    forces of tender passion too strong
    to relay with the phonetic utterance of tongue,
    whirlwinds of colored emotion
    sheath us.

    To us the stars become as whitened stones upon the stream
    and our
    hearts dance to the flute,
    sweet, lilting, notes brush lightly through
    her golden hair like a
    whispered voice.

    Her voice heard in a silent souls embrace,
    “ My timeless love you will know passion
    as other men know sight. And you will
    give yourself to love without doubt,
    foolishly brave.”

    “ And brave love your companion will also be despair.
    For only those who know despair's bitter taste
    can savor the succulent fruit of the vine.
    And time will shed the pain like some
    reptilian scales.”

    “As scales of the balance you shall be given
    equal measure, but none in moderation.
    For a poet cannot moderate life's ebbs and flows,
    do the waves cease their rush to the shore
    in fear of the crash upon
    the stones?”

    Polished stones she offered me as she drifted back.
    Quartz, Sapphire, Jade, Onyx I then held,
    warmly glowing upon my calloused hand.
    Runic symbols scared the brilliance of each
    Celtic knot.

    “Forget not this gentle embrace for I leave you never.
    Live not in the joys of things no longer, instead,
    shine light upon the darkness of things to be.
    And taste each sweet breath that is given
    in your souls dance.”

    She dances upon the cresting waves, this muse of mine,
    who kissed my soul so very long ago.
    And some tranquil nights when darkness rest
    I hear again her voice
    in our souls embrace......................

    Posted By mcglinnen | Aug 13, 2006

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Dear mcglinnen,

    Have you compiled your work for publish? You are an AMAZING poet my dear. I simply love your work! I read this multiple times, and it is so lovely...the words, the syntax, the imagery, the structure....I am in awe of this piece. I pictured a maiden coming from beyond a mountain with a waterfall that pours water of every colour of the Skittle Rainbow...breathtaking. I lalso loved how the first lines of the stanzas, bounced off the the last lines in the previous stanzas...that added strength, and powerful emphasis, and last but not least, shows as a master in your craft. The infusion of the ruins, and the stones was lovely. I am a Geologist, Volcanologist, and teacher, so of course, I simply love the following stanza.

    Polished stones she offered me as she drifted back.
    Quartz, Sapphire, Jade, Onyx I then held,
    warmly glowing upon my calloused hand.
    Runic symbols scared the brilliance of each
    Celtic knot.

    Your style again to me has that feel of the "Classics". Thank you for joining this Writer's Community and sharing your work. Hey mcglinnen...I want an invitation to your book signing, OK! LOL!! Unbelievable....I hope to write like this one day, fellow poet.;)

    Painted Diary aka Kimberly
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    MsJacquiiC Poetica Magnifique

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    In a cloud of smoke...
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    Hey MCGLINNEN - this is a painful read for someone who has known love but sees it naught... So beautifully written that one has to enjoy and marvel in the awe of your words - This poem makes me go Oooooo!

    That stanza read fabulously, but there's a loneliness in this poem that only a few would dare even think to know - Most (dare I say) cannot handle such loneliness.

    It seems that you and your muse are as one - I loved reading this poem, as in a really weird way - It gives me hope that one day my muse may show up wrapped in a garmet of freedom!

    thanx for sharing this poem!


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Oct 2, 2006

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