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    Good bye my Knight
    As your breathe stopped, I breathed out
    As your heart was crushed,I breathed in.
    As your body turned cold, I looked up.
    As your blood ran out, I looked down
    As you was destroyed, I was pour out.
    You had died, and I was shatter this time.

    Your breathe no longer exhaled, so I could no longer feel.Your heart was crushed and the air was to stale to hold. Your body was cold, and no longer warmth came my way. Your blood ran from your body, I couldn’t grab it all and the tears fell.You was destroyed, and my heart with it. You died my knight, saving me. I can’t repay you no matter how many lives I live. I can only be shattered like glass.
    Breathing in I was chained to a wall, and burned with guilt.
    Breathing out I was gagged, and cut with heartbreak.
    Looking up I was blind folded, and beaten with grief.
    Looking down I was sewed up, and boxed with fear.
    Pouring out I was impaled with an iron rod, and broke and shatter to glass.

    The arms which held me no longer did and my soul went into the dark.
    The voice which spoke sweetly to me no longer did and my mind went into overdrive.
    The kiss which made me never hesitate no longer did and my body and mind second doubts.
    Sometime I wish I would have fought and ran before I was trapped in my knights castle.

    Before it was burned and broken to rubble. I could have fought and won, yet I stayed and watched you die for me. The darkness has claimed me once again. I’m so sorry you saved me and died,I’m so sorry you had to fight for someone who ended up back into the depths of darkness. Oh my sweet knight, I was selfish and you held me until you was crushed under the weights I carried.
    I’m sorry you let me in, and and I found all the ways you moved and thought.
    I’m sorry you let me in, and I found the secret passageway which lead to the world you lead.
    I’m sorry you let me in, and I honestly capture what was you.
    I’m so sorry you let me in, and I destroyed everything which was you.
    I’m so happy you let this selfish princess who fought once for herself, into your very world.
    I’m so happy you let this selfish princess who only brought destruction unto others and showed her things she’d never know.
    I’m so happy you let this selfish princess who only broke and never forgot and healed her.
    I’m so happy, even in death you told me I love you one last time.
    I’m so happy, I had such a Knight even in this Dark fairy tale I call life.

    I only wish, I could have you back and love you until the world became hollow.
    Thank you my Brave knight, for saving this selfish princess.
    Good night My love, My knight.

    Posted By Wind | Oct 15, 2013

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