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    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wolf Creek, Oregon
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    She sits upon her grandpa's knee
    her eyes so big and round,
    She listens very intently on
    his every word and sound.
    The same old tale he told to me
    when I was but a child,
    A tale that's unbelievable
    could it, have been so wild?

    Now listen close he told her
    speaking words so soft and low,
    There is a place beyond the hill
    where the magick mushrooms grow.
    One evening I went a walking
    beyond the garden path,
    When I spied a little naked man
    who was taking a nature bath.

    He did not see me standing there
    beside his bag of gold,
    Until I picked it up to run
    feeling young and very bold.
    "STOP" he shouted, "STOP THIEF STOP!"
    and he flew across the lawn,
    "Oh no!" I laughed, "I'm being chased
    by a naked leprechaun!"

    "Give me back my gold!" "My gold!"
    "My gold!" he kept a cryin'
    All the while I had to laugh
    at his body parts a flyin' :chuckle:
    "Give me back my gold!" he gasped
    and three wishes you will get."
    "Anything your heart desires!"
    he said still dripping wet.

    "Hummmmm, leprechauns gold" dear grandpa said
    "is worth more than that I'm sure,
    "So I will keep this bag with me,
    'cause I know that it is pure.
    "NO, NO, NO, NO," the wee man screamed
    "Don't take my gold!" he hissed
    "It's mine, it's mine!" The little man cried
    and he shook a threatning fist.

    All at once the little beggar
    as quick as quick could be
    had snatched the bag from grandpas hand
    and ran away in glee.
    But what he didn't know was this
    there was a little tear,
    Beneath the edge an unstiched seam
    he didn't know was there.

    It was only, just only small enough
    to let three pieces fall,
    While sprinting onward very quick
    he'd noticed not at all.
    Then grandpa reached inside his shirt
    the tale was TRUE he'd told,
    'Cause there- right there within his hand
    was the pieces of leprechauns gold. :rainbow:


    erikestabrook JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    great poem Sally,
    this was funny and very easily-flowing,
  1. Angelic

    stardust JPiC Contributor

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Dear Sally: Here I am, sweetheart!! I wanted to read your Poem about Leprechauns. So, I looked for it and found it. It is so Lovely!! Great Poem, dear!! Thank you for sharing it!! I love Stories with Leprechauns. As a matter of fact, I wrote a Story for Children with Leprechauns and all kind of Fairies involved, but long long ago. I began to write Stories and Poetry, when I was 10 years old or so, a long time ago. Take care, sweetheart!! I´ll see you soon. Love, Stardust.:hearts: :hearts:

    Posted By stardust | Jan 22, 2007

    Benny New Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
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    Western Kentucky
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    Sally, i loved this poem! I always love to read story poems that are funny and fun to read. This one will stick with me!

    Posted By Benny | Jan 23, 2007

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