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    Black man with undertones of black flesh yet white skin
    That has a little more , now and assumes to be better than his own kin
    Moved, now, big house on the hill but eternally fight'n
    Black man with undertones of black flesh yet white skin
    Thinks wrong, and is left doing all to ignite when
    Inside he is bitter & broken, thus, he invites in
    Lonely days of chaos, repetition and search'n
    Deep in hollow shell dive'n For inner yin
    Wife of fair flesh Wolf beneath sheep skin
    Childless, empty and outer walls , slowly ,are caving in
    Making faces at his own people putting them down just so he can win
    When, all the while and in actuality his life is in a downward spiral and deadly tail spin.
    Black man with undertones of black flesh yet white skin


    Them nu-nu's... from brown, blonde to jet-black hair
    The passion's there, yet rationed rare
    Fashion's there, yet objectified when bare
    Slim in new views... African bound & beyond time 2 get back there

    Get back where? You know, place where the faces shape-shift
    & take trips when mates drift, faceless in a makeshift spaceship
    Where it's okay to shake hips, create clips, relate quips, predate myths
    Yea get back here, before pseudo, a pace fared traceless, shaped with

    Day's clay, as her verism paves way
    Cataclysms from world's ragged system
    Affects this curvy girl in a strange fray
    Like shattered prisms thru jerk's derisions yet massive in wisdom

    Stripped of inner beauty by fascism
    She equipped with centered jewelry, like a flash sent'em...

    Le0 4012 a.d.

    Posted By LE00EL | Mar 10, 2013

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