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    Has This Ever happened To You?

    This is more of a vent than anything, but I have never witnessed such a day as this before. Anyways here is my weird story to share.

    Yesterday around 6:30pm or so I was getting ready to do a second load of laundry, this load was my boyfriends clothes, I always check the pockets of his pants for items and usually shake his shirts and what not before throwing them in the washer.
    Well I don’t know how this happened, but when I went to throw his clothes into the dryer his Motorola Razor cell phone was sitting at the bottom of the washer. I felt so bad, about what happened I didn’t know how I was going to tell him... When I got it out I tried to turn it on, of course it didn’t... Sad part is that his 3 year contract was almost up and his warranty on the phone does not cover this type of accident. When I came back to the living room he was playing World Of Warcraft, I let him know I had to tell him something bad and suggested he turn the game off. He said not to worry and left it on. I told him what happened to the phone. When I said that he got up and went to the bedroom and saw for himself that it was indeed fried for good, the number pad lights up on it, but that’s it... I apologized a lot and he said it was ok just meant he had to get a new phone, he hugged me and told me not to worry and that he loved me. So he was very calm about the situation. But this also has lead to more stress...

    We live a good 40 minute walk from our place of work. I got up and ready extra early today, he did too for we could walk to work. Well rain is in the forecast, which I checked last night at the weather network website and saw it said rain. Well the rain is actually very bad. It’s a storm really, the wind is very high and it rain felt kind of like well it was sharp hitting to the face. When we first stepped outside we had the umbrella which then broke by force of the wind. So we left that and just walked. I kept jokingly saying I was turning around, and making jokes about how it would be my first no call no show so who cares right.... Well after only 7 minutes of walking, and when we made it to the first stop sign We both were soaked, we had water through our clothes rolling down our skin. I couldn’t believe it. I told him I didn’t care anymore, 10.00 a hour is not worth this, getting wet, possibly sick, and going to work to possibly be sent home anyways. Well he told me to go home, he said he would walk to work and try and get a sick day for me. We told each other to be careful and went our separate ways. I am home now and dried off and just letting the fans dry my coat. But my boyfriend is not here, see I figured work would send him home for being soaking wet. I mean he does have a job where he needs to talk on the phone all day. But now I am worried he could be hurt, never know right?

    Either way this is the strangest event I ever encountered... Its still raining and blowing really bad, my boyfriend still is not home, and we have no way to keep in touch, unless he writes me a email somehow.

    Another bad part to all of this is that he lost all his contact numbers in that phone. There was a number to a woman who could possibly get him a grant to go to college to be a Police Officer, our work numbers, family and friends, and his brothers new number, now gone and videos of his nieces and nephews at Christmas time when his dad dressed up as Santa. It really does suck. He has had a bad month finnanically because of all the money spent on medication for issues he has, and now he needs to buy a new phone since we don’t got a home phone. I want to pay for his new phone or even half or just 20 - 10 - 5% of it, just some to help and he refuses to let me help pay for a new phone. I wish I knew if he as ok. I am so worried :(

    Anyways this is my vent of the day. Worst day ever that’s for sure. Anyone have a similar experience they ant to share?

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