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    mountainpepper Member

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    Longwarry in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
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    I hear that it’s raining in Washington State,
    In London that snow’s falling down
    as I look out across a wide dusty plain,
    where everything’s pastel or brown.

    I heard reports of below freezing point
    at Regina in Saskatchewan,
    I look at a lake bed all shiny with salt
    with water and waterbirds gone.

    Nothing is moving except for some dust
    where there’s no grass, not even a blade.
    It’s hotter than hell amongst the bluebush,
    when it’s forty degrees in the shade.

    I’m dreaming of waterfalls cascading down.
    Swimming pools filled up with ice,
    I’m wiping off sweat that beads on my brow
    and think to myself… where is paradise?

    Its forty degrees in the shade through the day,
    and at night I’m restless, beneath a sheet,
    for it barely cools down, and so hard to sleep.
    Yes it’s so hard to cope with the heat.

    So if you are flooded or battling with snow,
    and the cold winds are making you glum,
    start thinking of summer and how good it feels,
    in your prayers that soon it will come.

    I say good luck to you for its winter I pray,
    once the frost and fog has begun,
    when it’s forty degrees outside in the shade…
    and forty-five out in the sun.

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    JONATHAN living not existing.

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Kolkata India
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    nice poem and so apt for the frustration and discomfort that extreme weather brings on, I live in India and the heatwave thing I know all too well. I feel ur discomfort though at the moment we are in spring. Great write.

    Posted By JONATHAN | Mar 1, 2013

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