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    Hi guys,
    I'm Rachel and I love writing short stories and novel-length stories. Of course, I also like poetry, but I have never actually tried writing any. I tend to get inspired by them, though and I'm very interested in writing some of my own. Here's a poem by Warsan Shire that has really impressed me recently:


    Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women; kitchen of lust,
    bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy.
    Sometimes the men - they come with keys,
    and sometimes, the men - they come with hammers.


    Nin soo joog laga waayo, soo jiifso aa laga helaa,
    I said Stop, I said No and he did not listen.


    Perhaps she has a plan, perhaps she takes him back to hers
    only for him to wake up hours later in a bathtub full of ice,
    with a dry mouth, looking down at his new, neat procedure.


    I point to my body and say Oh this old thing? No, I just slipped it on.


    Are you going to eat that? I say to my mother, pointing to my father who is lying on the dining room table, his mouth stuffed with a red apple.


    The bigger my body is, the more locked rooms there are, the more men come with keys. Anwar didn’t push it all the way in, I still think about what he could have opened up inside of me. Basil came and hesitated at the door for three years. Johnny with the blue eyes came with a bag of tools he had used on other women: one hairpin, a bottle of bleach, a switchblade and a jar of Vaseline. Yusuf called out God’s name through the keyhole and no one answered. Some begged, some climbed the side of my body looking for a window, some said they were on their way and did not come.


    Show us on the doll where you were touched, they said.
    I said I don’t look like a doll, I look like a house.
    They said Show us on the house.

    Like this: two fingers in the jam jar
    Like this: an elbow in the bathwater
    Like this: a hand in the drawer.


    I should tell you about my first love who found a trapdoor under my left breast nine years ago, fell in and hasn’t been seen since. Every
    now and then I feel something crawling up my thigh. He should make himself known, I’d probably let him out. I hope he hasn’t
    bumped in to the others, the missing boys from small towns, with pleasant mothers, who did bad things and got lost in the maze of
    my hair. I treat them well enough, a slice of bread, if they’re lucky a piece of fruit. Except for Johnny with the blue eyes, who picked my locks and crawled in. Silly boy, chained to the basement of my fears, I play music to drown him out.


    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    No one.


    At parties I point to my body and say This is where love comes to die. Welcome, come in, make yourself at home. Everyone laughs, they think I’m joking.

    Posted By rachels | Jul 3, 2017

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